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It’s inevitable. At some point, your heating or air conditioning, refrigerator, oven or entertainment system will stop working. It may cost hundreds, even thousands to install a replacement or pay for repair parts and labor. 

Did you know your typical homeowner policy doesn't cover breakdowns to these important home systems?

You may have product warranties, but they pay for parts only, and they expire. Home service contracts and extended warranties are expensive and exclude many types of breakdowns. All come up short. Yet with sensitive microcircuitry now controlling so much of our home equipment, breakdowns are more common than ever. 

That’s why Home Systems Protection is different. It’s whole-house protection, it covers both parts and labor for a wide range of home systems and technologies, and costs just pennies a day. 


This important and valuable coverage may be available to you as part of your homeowners policy. If you're not sure if you're covered, call your agent or contact us to find out.

What’s Covered under Home Systems Protection?

Essential Home Systems 
Every day you rely on essential and costly home systems for heating and cooling, electricity and hot water. Home infrastructure breakdown coverage protects permanently installed systems when a sudden mechanical or electrical accident, such as a power interruption, causes a failure. Learn more 

Appliances and Electronics
Today’s home is packed with appliances: oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, washer/dryer. Today’s lifestyles include laptops and tablets, high-tech TVs and sound systems, gaming and exercise equipment. All these and more are covered. Good thing – they all contain sensitive circuitry, raising the risk of breakdown. Learn more

Other Coverage Features
Losses can go beyond physical damage to equipment. What if you can’t stay at home during repairs? What about spoiled food in a broken refrigerator? How much will it cost to expedite repairs? Home Systems Protection covers these costs and pays beyond the loss amount for a more efficient or environmentally friendly upgrade. Learn more 

What's Covered under Service Line Coverage? 

Underground Service Lines
It can come as a shock to learn you’re responsible for repairs when a water pipe, power or waste disposal line, or cable on your property fails or is accidentally broken. The fix often requires costly excavation. You can get coverage for the cost to repair or replace the broken line, but also other outdoor property damaged by the service line failure. Learn more 

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MyHomeWorksTM customer

This coverage is essential if you own a home.

I recently purchased this coverage when I bought my new house and boy am I glad I did!  Our water line was damaged when a contractor hit the line.  I submitted my claim and the payment covered the cost of my landscape repairs saving me $8,500.

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