Connected Home 101

Consider this.....

Have you ever left the stove on? Imagine being able to connect to your home remotely from your smartphone to turn it off!  

Connected home devices now have the capability to connect to everything from computers, TVs, to Wi-Fi networks, appliances, HVAC systems, door locks, thermostats, garage doors, motion sensors, cameras, water leak sensors, light bulbs, switches, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, plugs, outlets, power strips, and music systems.  

Make your home smart

Home automation solutions largely depend on time, money and technical capability.  Whether your motivation behind making a home "connected" or "smart" are for comfort, convenience, control, cost savings, or security, the options are endless! New devices enter the market daily. 

Things to consider: 

  • Define your budget, clearly outline your needs, do your research, and decide if you want to execute your home automation plan or if you would rather hire a professional.  
Here are some examples of the types of connected home solutions available:

Simple solutions: 

  • Babies - monitor sleeping babies, switching off lights or sound machines when required 
  • Toddlers – keep an eye on curious toddlers with cabinet sensors, alerting you when they are opened 
  • Children - monitor children arriving home from school with motion and contact sensors, and video cameras 
  • Elderly - communicate and care for elderly loved ones with wearable devices and easy-to-install all-in-one devices 
  • Pets - monitor pets, their whereabouts in your home and eating habits 
  • Pipes – keep an eye on pipe temperatures so that they’re less likely to freeze 

More complex solutions: 

  • Water leaks – be alerted when leaks happen, and remotely turn off the water supply using a smart shut-off valve 
  • Waking up – schedule the thermostat to make the house warmer before you wake up, and lights to turn on 
  • Leaving the house – activate smart plugs and lights to switch off when you leave 
  • Motion-activated lighting – turns on when you step into a room, and turns off after you leave 

Involved projects: 

  • Carbon Monoxide - monitor and mitigate carbon monoxide leaks with an indoor siren, activate ceiling fans, turn on bedroom lights 
  • Doors – unlock and lock doors and garage doors; monitor movement with sensors and cameras 
  • Breaking glass – install sensors for breaking glass, activating an indoor siren to sound, lights to turn on, a camera to start recording, and an alert to your smart device 
  • Home protection – activate cameras, sensors and automated lights around your home  

 Some of the systems controlled by smart home devices (heating, cooling, security systems, etc.) may not be covered by a typical homeowners policy. Click below to see if you have proper coverage or find coverage through one of our partner companies. 

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